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Having trouble with progress being reset

Several students of mine have reported that their progress is not saving, or that some of their lessons have been reset, making them have to go back and do it all over again to earn credit for that skill (their assignments through the Duolingo Dashboard). What can I tell these students who are frustrated with having to complete the same skills over and over again?

October 19, 2016



Have you ever seen Duolingo do this when the kids use it in the classroom? ...or is it something that only happens when you're not looking? Is it something that only happens when the kids have a deadline due? I don't mean to be excessively cynical, but kids are kids.


The first student who told me, yes, I honestly thought he was just using it as an excuse. But when the second, third, and fourth students told me (two of whom are excellent students), I started to wonder. I had them take screenshots of when they finished their skills so they could get credit, but it doesn't really solve the problem of them having to do those skills again. Is nobody else having this problem? Is it something my students are doing wrong? If so, I just want to know what I can tell them so it doesn't happen again! Thanks!


Could it be that they're just seeing the skills weaken?


I'm seeing a similar issue where I make an assignment but they don't see it on their DuoLingo page


Usually when I've seen that on the forums, it turns out to be that the students have got one account that's a member of your classroom, and a different account they're using to practise. Get them to log on to Duolingo, and look at their screen and check that the username they're logging in with is the exact same as the one in your classroom.


You should move this to the Educators forum as there is more likelihood of getting an answer.




It's a very bad idea to join someone's classroom unless they're already your teacher. The Duolingo for Schools system lets your teacher set you assignments, but it doesn't give you access to anything on Duolingo that you can't already get at.

It also lets your teacher change your Duolingo password, see your email address, and disable your access to the forums, certain parts of certain skills, Immersion, and your activity stream.

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