"How much water do you drink?"

Translation:Quanta acqua bevi?

February 9, 2013

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why can't you use the article?


Use the article if you are talking about a general category: "I drink water" could be "bevo acqua" or "bevo l'acqua." You drink it or you don't, but it is a general statement that applies to all water.

But when you are asking how much water, it indicates you are drinking some but not all the water, so you don't use the article. You're only talking about the specific amount of water that one specific person drinks in one day.

Also, although both the English "drink" and "am drinking" would both be "bevo," if you said, "I am drinking water," you usually aren't making a general statement about whether or not you drink water, so no article.


Are you talking about the English, or the Italian? Or both?


that would be something like "how much THE water do you drink?" that's why u can't use the article... at least that's how i see it


But I do see "l'acqua" a lot in Italian, even if in English it's not correct in certain contexts.


I sugggest you look online for the use of the determinative article. The rules are almost the same in Italian and in English.


I do not believe that to be true. the article is very commonly used in Italian and defies the rules we use in English. Incidentally, I did not mark you down, your comment is as good as anyone else’s.


i THINK that since the ending of the question words change with the noun it is modifying, it implies/takes the place of the article therefore making it not needed. i hope that makes sense.


Why was I marked incorrectly for saying tu bevi instead of just bevi? Is it because it is a question? Isn't tu bevi a legit way of saying you drink here? I have the correct verb ending, why can't I use the appropriate pronoun with it?


You can use or omit pronouns at will, if it doesn't create ambiguity, of course. So, your answer is correct.


This is clearly still not working, so I have reported it.


With questions, the pronouns are typically placed at the beginning or the end of the sentence: "Tu quanta acqua bevi?" or "Quanta acqua bevi tu?"


Because "tu bevi" ask "are you drinking" rather than "how much are you drinking"


No. When you say "bevi" you are saying "you drink" so its redundant to say you twice


I used 'quant'acqua bevi and it was correct. Is eliding the 'a' optional??


That's what I used. Cool.


thanks, i wondered also....


I wrote ''quanta acqua tu bevi'' but it said it wasn't correct. Can someone tell me why, please, I am very confused?


Am I the only one that is confused with quanta? I keep wanting to say quando. I take it you are supposed to conjugate it using water as the subject?


quanto( used with masculine nouns)= how much quanta( used with feminine nouns)= how much

Quanto pane mangi? Quanta acqua bevi?


So when is quanti used?


When you have countable masculine nouns. Quanti anni hai?


Does that mean "quante" would be for many feminine nouns?


Yes, but the keyword here is 'plurals'. 'quanti' for masculine plurals; and 'quante' for feminine plurals.


Thanks... I was confused by this. I'll remember quanto pane mangi/quanta acqua bevi. Cool!


quando means When


Try to remember quanta with quantity (which is a synonym of amount)


Quando/a =when Quanto/a= how much


Quando is when. Maybe you meant quanta and quanto?


Quanta means: how much Quando means: when


Quanta isn't even in the list of words when I run my cursor over the word 'How'. Seems a bit inconsistent.


Because it means 'how much' (two words combined)


It is there. 28/10/15


Why is "Quanta bevi aqcua" wrong? Why does it have to be "Quanta acqua bevi"?


Someone, please help. Why "quanta bevi aqcua" is wrong?


Think of the English sentence: "How much water do you drink?"
It's the same structure in Italian: "quanta (how much) acqua (water) bevi (do you drink)?".
quanta bevi acqua literally means 'how much you drink water'


why does it say in the correct answer "lei bevi" while you is tu or voi?


Got the same answer. Wasn't lei supposed to be "she"?


Lei with capital L means official You. Doesnt make sense though, why Tu was not accepted as correct... :/


I'm lost on that one as well


So the question word must agree with the object? Quanta acqua, quanti uomini, etc?


I am so confused as to when one should use quanta / quanto / quanti -please help!!


Select which word to use according to the gender of the following noun and whether it is singular or plural:

Quanto - masculine singular, e.g. quanto pane (How much bread)

Quanta - feminine singular, e.g. quanta torta (How much cake)

Quanti - masculine plural, e.g. quanti ragazzi (How many boys)

Quante - feminine plural, e.g. quante ragazze (How many girls)


I typed...quata acqua do you drink?...hahaha


Why "quanta acqua tu bevi? " is incorrect?


So bevi indicates if its 1st,2nd, or 3rd person so we cant use tu? And if we can use it it would go at the end of the sentence? Usually i read the comments and im good to go but i feel more confused.


Quanta bevi acqua? Is wrong?


I don't understand how quante, quanta, quanto differs from each other


Why is it not “Quant'acqua ...“? I'm really confused by now. When do you let two vowels “together“ and when not???


Why it is wrong to insert TU into "Quanto acqua tu beve?"


The error here is that you wrote beve ('he/she/or drinks'), not that you used tu.
The correct form to use is bevi -> ' you drink'.


why is "Quanta l'acqua bevi?" wrong?


It is incorrect. Even in English you wouldn't say 'how much the water do you drink?'


Why cant you use quanti instead of quanta


How come it tells you in the tips that "quante" means how many then when pairing up it suddenly only means "many"?


Would it be right if I said 'Tu quanta acqua bevi?


Only, and I really stress only, if you are in a situation where you are pointing your finger at a person and ask that specific person.


why quanta instead of quanti


I wrote Quanto acqua bevete and got it wrong...(sob)


I wasn't paying close attention and didn't see beve and bevi, and I typed "quanta acqua beve" and got it right. I'm here in the comments to find out why it was right.....


How do you know whether to use quanto or quanta?


When used as an adjective (ie 'how much/many'), quanto follows the same rules as any other adjective.
acqua is feminine -> quanta acqua
quanto cibo, quanta acqua, quanti animali, quante scuole


Andrebbe l'apostrofo alla fine della prima parola perché quando una parola finisce in vocale e quella che la segue inizia anche lei con vocale a questo punto avviene un eliminazione della vocale della prima parola e si aggiunge l'apostrofo, quindi non è più QUANTA ACQUA ma sarà QUANT'ACQUA


What the h*** is an artical? Some of us have no idea what that means


Quanta acqua voi bevete?


Quanta acqua beve ? Accepted 01-20-21


They're saying it should be "quanta" but I don't understand why


Why was tu bevi was marked wrong?


Just one glass , please


Why is it? Quanta acqua bevi but Quanto pane mangi

Sorry for not been clear on what I meant, I understand masculine, feminine and plurals. I am questioning the order of the words. The 1st is How much water do you drink and the 2nd is How much bread do you eat. Basically the same question. I got marked wrong for answering Quanta bevi acqua but got correct for Quanto pane mangi. They were both 'translate' questions.


Do you mean quanto vs quanta?
Quanto/a/i/e is an adjective and as all adjectives in Italian, it needs to match gender (m or f) and number (singular or plural) of the noun it qualifies.

acqua is feminine, therefore quanta
pane is masculine, therefore quanto


Sorry for not been clear on what I meant, I understand masculine, feminine and plurals. I am questioning the order of the words. The 1st is How much water do you drink and the 2nd is How much bread do you eat. Basically the same question. I got marked wrong for answering Quanta bevi acqua but got correct for Quanto pane mangi. They were both 'translate' questions.


quanta acqua bevi and quanto pane mangi have exactly the same structure: quanto/a + object + verb + (subject_tu_ not expressed).
* quanta bevi acqua is an incorrect order of the elements. Even in English you wouldn't say "how much do you drink water", "how much do you eat bread"


Thank you, I was confused why I got marked wrong for Quanta acqua bevi. If I get it again I will report it. Have a lingot


why bevi and not beve


Why should it be beve?
This is the conjugation of bere:
(io) bevo
(tu) bevi
(lui/lei) beve
(noi) beviamo
(voi) bevete
(loro) bevono

The subject is 'you' so bevi. beve would be used if the subject were 'he, she or it'.


"quanto acqua bevi" what's wroung with it? one more thing acqua is maculine noun then it should "quanto" only then why it is showing Quanta


acqua is feminine in Italian. Are you maybe thinking of Spanish? Therefore Quanta acqua bevi?


Why is "Quanta dell'acqua bevi?" incorrect?


Yes. It means 'how much some of the water do you drink?'
If you want to say 'how much of the water do you drink?', you need to rework the sentence: quanta ne bevi di questa/quella acqua?


Quant (a,e,oi) disposition really kill me


my answer is "Quanto acqua bevi". but my answer is wrong :( Isn't the word water masculine in Italian, so " shouldn't be used "quanto"???


acqua is feminine.
l'acqua, le acque

  • 1640

I had, "Quanta d'acqua bevi?" and got it wrong - is it really wrong? I'm not sure if I should report it as a problem or not...


Thats incorrect because oure saying how much of water do you drink. Its gramattically wrong in english and italian


I'm never going to get used to this. Every time it asks me to translate I do it verbatim, usually leading to an incorrect response. My translation: quanta acqua basterai tu bevi. Sigh.


Why not 'quanta bevi acqua'?


This confuses me as well. One "rule" I've heard with question sentence structure is Question Word + Verb + Subject. However there seems to be exceptions to this structure but I cannot find a good reference explaining the rules of sentence structure for questions.


With "quanta" here, the question word is acting as an adjective (which is why it matches the feminine "acqua"), so it attaches to the thing it is describing. We do the same thing in English: "How much water do you drink?"


I understand the matching of quanta with acqua. What I struggle with is word order. With most questions the verb comes directly after the question word. Therefore I thought this sentence would be Quanta bevi acqua?, not Quanta acqua bevi?


Right, I was trying to tell you why the verb doesn't come right after in this case - "quanta" needs to be joined to "acqua" for the sentence to make sense.


Ahhh…(light bulb going on). Apologies for being too dense to understand your initial response. Grazie!


Why can't I say "Quanta l'acqua bevi?"

[deactivated user]

    Any other time I've put l'acqua for just water and it was correct. Consistency please.


    Writting l'acqua would be gramatically incorrect. In this case, it is not a matter of inconsistency.


    acqua = water
    l'acqua = the water


    So basically those hints are useless and by this point you are expected to know better? I was trying to squeeze 'fa' in somewhere.

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