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  5. "Wir springen auf dem Bett."

"Wir springen auf dem Bett."

Translation:We jump on the bed.

February 15, 2014



How would you say: We jump out of the bed?


"Wir springen aus dem Bett" I believe.


Why's "we jump onto the bad" unacceptable?


"Auf dem Bett" is dative, meaning it shows no motion, so they're jumping on the bed, not onto to it.

"We jump onto the bed" would be "Wir springen auf das (aufs) Bett."

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Dativ/Akkusativ is not about motion, but change of location. "Ich gehe ins Kino" = "I walk into the cinema" - "Ich gehe im Kino" = "I walk inside the cinema"


In the previous sessions, I saw that we have to convert dativ to accusativ when we find the action associated with the sentence. How come it is not done that way here???


To be clear, that's only the case for certain prepositions (here's a list); most prepositions strictly take either dative or accusative regardless of motion/action. "Auf" is indeed on the list, though, so case switching does apply here.

You only use accusative when there's motion/action to or away from the noun; if there's motion, but it's remaining at the location of the noun, just use dative.

It's the same as the difference between "on" (or "in") and "onto" (or "into"). In this exercise, "we" are not jumping onto the bed (toward the bed; previously off of the bed and now on it); "we" are already on the bed and are jumping on it, staying on the bed.

In short:

  • "We are jumping onto the bed" = "... auf das Bett"
  • "We are jumping on the bed" (on top of it) = "... auf dem Bett"


"Ten little monkeys jumping on the bed.

One fell off, and the mother said,

"No more monkeys jumping on the bed!"

Nine little monkeys jumping on the bed...


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