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getting started

Is there a demonstration tutorial? I launched into the first section and did less than stellar. Thanks.

March 5, 2012



My only comment is that unlike dabeed, I don't think you should need a spanish/english dictionary nor google translate. You can hover over the words to get their general translation, and you should use your best judgement to translate. Using google translate is just cheating yourself, and prevents you from really learning. If you lose all of your lives, then just try again - no big deal. :)


Keep trying. Repetition is the key to learning languages and I find that making mistakes can be beneficial. If you think about why you didn't get it right, even if that is because you had no idea, your brain will take note and next time it will be a little easier.

In addition, you may not have noticed that if you hover the mouse over words to be translated you will see a list of possible translations for that word.

Good luck

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