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  5. "Te vagy az én hősöm!"

"Te vagy az én hősöm!"

Translation:You are my hero!

October 19, 2016



And now the translation for Hősök Tere - the monument in Budapest used for the Hungarian course - makes sense!

hős = "hero", -ök = plural, tér = "square", -e = possessive

"Heroes' Square"!


Satisfying, isn't it?


It is! - and it's not half so satisfying to well and truly understand why la Tour Eiffel means "the Eiffel Tower"! (Because, you know, half of it is just someone's name anyway and the other half is a cognate :P)

Now to learn why all the other Hungarian national monuments' names mean what they do...


Brilliant. Have a lingot... or two :)

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