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  5. "Jem obiad z Adamem."

"Jem obiad z Adamem."

Translation:I am eating lunch with Adam.

October 20, 2016



In the slowed-down version, the voice actually says "Jem obiad 'zed' Adamem"! weird


I think the slowed-down version says every word separately, so if you have a preposition that is just one letter, it will pronounce it as if it was saying the alphabet out loud - 'zet'.


Do Polish people actually follow these rules when they talk?


'these' = which ones?

Well, in fast speech sometimes you end up saying something with a weird word order because you speak as you think, but generally yes, rules are to be followed.


Changing the spelling of people names for different cases.


Definitely. Not declining nouns might result in miscommunication.


Yes, "Jem obiad z Adam" would mean that "Adam" is some woman's surname. Which is a possible interpretation of the English sentence, but accepting it would only cause problems and not teach anything ;)


How would a speaker know the instrumental case for a proper name like Adam? Or any other case, for that matter? If you were to ask me for the accusative or genitive form for my name (Mark), I wouldn't know what to tell you.


All singular masculine animate nouns that end in a hard consonant have the same ending in accusative and genitive, which is -a.

The singular instrumental ending for masculine nouns is either -em or -iem, depending on the final letter of the base form.

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