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New Translations

I am sorry to see the new practice of adding all the new articles to be translated in one big group. This is apparently happening when the good people in my time zone are tucked up in bed , and they awaken to find the remnants of picked over articles to tackle, finding sentences here and there that others have found to complicated or difficult . I like to translate an article from heading to finish , as I think the comprehension of the reader is less tested if terms and syntax are consistent. Any chance of going back to once an hour ? I love Duolingo.

February 9, 2013



Yes, I agree. When get up in the morning and look at the translations, many/most are already marked 100%. It is frustrating.


What language is this for? We can try adding more documents.


For me it's German. And could you please pick less nonsensical blogging stuff?


Luis, it's Spanish....hope you have a solution for it , still the same this week. Do not necessarily need more articles , just space them out more judiciously?

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