Possessive Pronouns

yemek = to eat yapar = eats

What's the suffix for the possessive pronouns? how does the vowel harmony works here.

2 years ago


I assume you're asking about conjugation. By the way, yapar isn't "he/she/it eats", it's "he/she/it does/makes", from yapmak. I think you meant yer.

  • yerim - I eat

  • yersin - you (sg) eat

  • yer - he/she/it eats

  • yeriz - we eat

  • yersiniz - you (pl) eat

  • yerler - they eat

And conjugations for yapmak...

  • yaparım - I make

  • yaparsın - you (sg) make

  • yapar - he/she/it makes

  • yaparız - we make

  • yaparsınız - you (pl) make

  • yaparlar - they make

2 years ago

And the suffixes for making pronouns possessive...

  • benim - my

  • senin - your

  • onun - his/her/its

  • bizim - our

  • onların - their

2 years ago

Actually I meant yapar as in eats.

Aile kahvaltı yapar. The family eats breakfast.

I know the conjugation suffix, also I know yapmak means to make.

but the above sentence confused me!

Can I say: Aile kahvaltı yer? which one is more accurate in local conversation.

2 years ago

Oh I see what you mean now. I do think "aile kahvaltı yapar" would be more common.

You posted this as a unique thread and not on the discussion of the sentence, so I don't know what sentence you're talking about. What was it?

2 years ago

This isn't from duolingo lessons, that's why I asked directly on a separate post.

Thank you.

2 years ago
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"kahvaltı yemek" is weird, so no you cannot say "Aile kahvaltı yer".

"to have breakfast" (yes it is better to say "have" in English) is "kahvaltı yapmak". You cannot translate everything directly.

2 years ago

Thanks a lot, I agree with you, you can't translate everything.

I just knew that yapar is more accurate to use in that sentence.

2 years ago
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