"The Chainbridge and eight other bridges too are above the Danube."

Translation:A Lánchíd és nyolc másik híd is a Duna fölött van.

October 20, 2016

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Is 'más' ok here or does it require másik for some reason I don't understand?


Possibly it is acceptable. But "más" and "másik" mean slightly different things. It is a bit hard to define.

"más" - this is closer to "different" or "something else"
"másik" - this is close to "another (one)".

"Nem kérek mást." - I do not want anything else.
"Nem kérek másikat." - I do not want another/different one.
"Kérek egy másikat." - Give me another one.
"Kérek valami mást." - I want something different/else.
"Próbáljunk valami mást." - Let's try something else.

"A Lánchíd és nyolc másik híd" - The Chainbridge and other eight bridges.
"A Lánchíd és nyolc más híd" - The Chainbridge and eight further/different bridges.

These last two are very close.

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