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  5. "Are those shows interesting?"

"Are those shows interesting?"

Translation:Érdekesek azok a műsorok?

October 20, 2016



Can someone say something about the word order here?

Would "Azok a műsorok érdekesek?" also work...or is the given word order necessary for the sentence to be a question?


Anything wrong with 'elöadások'?


I think "Azok a szériak érdekesek" should be good too?

Edit: Seems like "sorozat" is the Hungarian word and széria a rather new Latin (via German when wiktionary is right) loanword. The always confusing non Indoeuropean vocabulary, episode 856... ^^


Actually after looking at it again, i realised that they were suggesting the 3rd person conjugation for the verb 'to show' instead of the noun 'shows'


What? It is about the English noun shows in plural, translated to the Hungarian noun műsorok, also in plural. those = azok a. interesting = érdekes(+ek since Hungarian adds the plural to it). are = (omitted vannak since it is a noun = adjective structure)

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