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  5. "На полу лежал белый ковёр."

"На полу лежал белый ковёр."

Translation:A white carpet was lying on the floor.

October 20, 2016



While technically correct, I suppose, I think most people would say "There was white carpet on the floor," meaning the floor was covered in white carpet. If it was only covering a small area, they would say "a white rug". I can't think of any situation where someone would talk about "a white carpet."


A large rug is a carpet. In the house I grew up in (in the US), we had hardwood floors with large area rugs or carpets. The carpets were faux Persian.


I put the white carpet instead of a white carpet. Thst should be acceptable. I reported it, please give me some feedback.


Yes, you are correct. It should be accepted. "A white carpet", "the white carpet" and simply "white carpet" should all be accepted.

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