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  5. "Εγώ κοιμάμαι πάνω στη Γη."

"Εγώ κοιμάμαι πάνω στη Γη."

Translation:I sleep on the ground.

October 20, 2016



Γη=earth. ground= έδαφος or maybe γη (with a small γ)

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Very good point. I don't know if I can edit the Greek at this point. I've reported it. Yes, we are using "on the ground" as the main translation. Unless someone meant the earth and not the moon....(joking). Many thanks.


In another question, "the child is sitting on the ground" is translated as "το παιδί κάθεται στο έδαφος", and "πάνω στο" is not accepted, the explanation being that that means "on top of". It seems this exercise translates "on" as "πάνω στο". Is there an error somewhere?


I wouldn't say that "πάνω στο έδαφος" is incorrect, but I do think that "πάνω" (as well as μέσα) is a bit redundant sometimes. When someone says they are sitting on the ground, they have to be sitting on top of it, not under it. It almost like it would be a bit redundant (again, not wrong. Just not necessary) to say "Put it on top of the table", instead of just saying "Put it on the table". ^.^


Why is Γη written with a capital letter?


I'd presume it's a slight error, since Γη would refer to Earth, the planet, whereas lower-case γη means earth, soil, just like in English.

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Yes, thank you, I have just edited it.

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