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  5. My post turned into a zombie


My post turned into a zombie

I made a post about ten hours ago, but it only has a half-life in the forums. I can see it in the posts I am following but nowhere else. It cannot be found under New or Duolingo. I made the post just before a massive spamming incident. Perhaps it got mistreated in the cleaning operation. What should I do?

EDIT: The solution was to change the topic of the post into something else and then back to Duolingo. Thank you for your encouraging messages. :)

October 20, 2016



I had the same thing happen. The post wasn't downvoted, nor was it removed yet it no longer appeared in the forum. (And it was a pain to find since the mobile view doesn't give posts in the profile.)

And I also posted during a spam attack. I wonder if they just removed everything fron the stream during that time period?


I suppose that is possible. I assume there is not much that can be done then. Sorry about your post. :(


Got it! I edited the post and changed the topic to German and then back to Duolingo. Now I can see the post! :)


I was going to suggest doing exactly that! ;)


I think it's this: How do you say Hogwarts in your language?

Its still on you activity list.

The discussion forrum is for helping each other learning a language.

Asking a translation in differen languages is not so helpful and can be seen as spam.

After 5 downvotes it is only visible in your activity stream, and for those who has answered your discussion.

Otherwise, some are downvoting everything for pleasure.


Thank you but it has not been downvoted. It should still be visible.


i have just joined when does this sort of thing seem to happen


I feel sorry for you! Here, have a lingot

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