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Hello there, everyone! ^-^

I'm Lily, a native Japanese and English speaker whose passion is learning and teaching languages. Ever since I've joined Duolingo, 50 days ago, I've noticed something. A lot of you guys want to learn Japanese, but either find it too hard, or can't find a course to help you.

That's why I've decided to start "Japanese Like A Native", a set of instructional posts used to teach basic Japanese. They will be in the form of short blog posts, with practices, challenges, and stories to help you learn this beautiful language by heart. It's because I believe that learning a language with no fun is as good as eating a stale piece of bread - all the nutrition, but no enjoyment.

Of course, I can't do it without you guys' help and support. I'd really appreciate it if you could link this post to anyone you know who is interested in learning Japanese. So let's start this off with a "Konnichiwa", and a shoutout for all those anime fans out there who desperately want to know what the characters are saying, in Japanese. You're on your path there, good luck!!!

NOTE : To get notified when a new lesson comes out, please follow me. Thanks!!!

{================ LIST OF LESSONS ================}

October 20, 2016


  • Will you initially introduce hirogana and katakana?
  • Will you include basic kanji, including 音読み (On'Yomi) and 訓読み (Kun'Yomi) ?
  • Will you provide links for audio examples of full sentences?
  • Will you stress using romaji?
  • Will you create a blog outside Duolingo or just post here?

Just questions, I'm super curious. Learning Japanese is a future goal, I particularly want to be able to read and understand the language first and foremost. Of course it would be great if Duolingo created a course but they have many technical hurdles they have to overcome but I'm not going to wait so I am interested in your project. ¡Te he seguido!


Wow, such enthusiasm!! ^-^

I'm glad that I will have wonderful, motivated people like you using my lessons! In my lessons, I'll be teaching basic Japanese, things you will need to learn to survive in Japan. ^-^ Among those lessons, I will have shorter extras explaining hiragana, katakana, and kanji. No, I won't make a real blog, but will post links to all my lesson here. : )

I hope that satisfies your curiosity! XD


Wow, thanks for the quick reply. Yes it does satisfy my curiosity. I'm also going to follow this discussion. *Gracias y . . . *



No problem, I never like replying late. XP

P.S. It's evening over here, so "Ohayou gozaimasu" is not applicable. "Konbanwa" is better, no? ^-^


Exactly. XD

Message me on my stream when you get on tomorrow, so we can chat, kay? ^-^


There is a good starting course available:


Maybe you can use that course as start


Thanks for the suggestion, but I think I'll teach these lessons a little bit differently. ^-^


Sounds interesting! (not my thing, but interesting for others)


There is already a course on Duolingo for Japanese:


There are already 53 lessons.


Yes, but the person is not a native, I believe.


It's a really good course, though, he is teaching the duo reverse tree while we still don't have it in the incubator! I think the more japanese courses, the better, I'm following all :D


Good luck with your lessons and I will be your student, I am a begginer in Japanese, so it is be really funny! Thanks, arigato! :*


Oh, thank you, Ana! ^.^

It's so nice to get so much support for all my friends...I'll do my best to be an awesome teacher!! >.<


I am sure that you will be great teacher : * : ) //hugs and kisses to you


Thanks!!!! ^-^ //hugs back


Oh you are so kind person Lily :***


No, I just try to be nice, is all. XP




Wow! Can I learn too? I'm already following you.


I think this is going to be rather helpful for me. ありがとうございます!

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