Is This French Slang? Because I'm so Confused . . .

I was listening to a song, and it was going fine, until something really weird happened. The lyrics said:

J'suis l'ombre de ton ien-ch.

Now the translation said: I'm the shadow of your dog, which means that really weird last word must be "chien", only flipped.

Another line also said: ... "mes ieds-p". That last word is "pieds", right?

So, why on Earth are these words flipped?

Please help =)

October 20, 2016


This is "verlan" = a side language where syllables are switched. It was created as a way for some to play with words and prevent others from understanding what their peer group was talking about.

"ver-lan" means "l'en-vers" (reverse/backwards).

"j'suis l'ombre de ton ien-ch" has:

  • "j'suis" as the phonetic contraction of "je suis" (to make it shorter)
  • and "ien-ch" as the 'verlan' for "chien".

So, similarly, "ieds-p(s)" (pronunciation: 'yep') is the verlan for "pied(s)".

October 20, 2016

How prevalent is verlan on the streets of France? Is it primarily an element of the youth culture (teens, young adults) or is it found throughout society and age groups?

Merci d'avance !

October 20, 2016

[deactivated user]

    Mostly young people, if you hear students (I mean 13 to 17/18), they may speak with verlan. Honnestly, if my grandmother started to speak with verlan, I would be amazed.

    October 20, 2016

    Ah. Merci beaucoup !

    October 20, 2016

    Honestly, I thought this was Canadian French.

    February 27, 2017

    It is similar to Pig Latin that English speakers, generally children, use though I haven't heard it for sometime. See:

    October 20, 2016

    Verlan! If you want more info on verlan, I recommend "DamonandJo Verlan" on YouTube. It's very interesting. It's like French Pig Latin!

    October 21, 2016

    Thanks for the video!

    October 21, 2016

    Yes we have the same thing in our language

    October 21, 2016

    Two things: 1)They should SO add this in as a bonus skill! 2) Uh, What's The Name Of That Song? <3 Is it appropriate? And where did you find it, I'd like to know. :)

    October 21, 2016

    Bella by Maitre Gims

    February 26, 2017

    you're probably not looking for the name of that song anymore, but its called Bella by Maitre gims. aushuahsuahs and it's appropriate

    March 25, 2017

    yes its slang for example.Slang for close the door is remfer la tepor

    October 20, 2016

    In English we have backslang (kcabgnals pronounced "kay-cab-gee-nals") which was and probably still is used in markets between stall holders to discuss customers behind their backs. In the 60's I had a Saturday job in Birmingham's Bull Ring Market and became quite fluent at it. It had some odd rules such as "h" being pronounced "ch" - e.g. "have" became "ee-vatch".

    October 22, 2016

    I speak Canadian french and yes, that is really thick slang. I don't know why the words are flipped but yes, you translation is probably right.

    February 27, 2017

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