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Printing own vocabulary

Is there a way to print my vocabulary, so that I can practise when I'm out or away?

Thank you.

February 9, 2013



Many people have asked for this. We will work on adding this feature.


That would be great. Thank you.


I respectfully repeat my request to have a "jump to" button for a particular word in the vocabulary.


I've been writing everything down as the lessons go, it's an amazing way to learn too by writing.


I agree. Handwriting what you learn reinforces what you learn in ways typing or simply reading can't. I think taking notes by hand as you learn will be a good way to learn. Then, having printed vocabulary lists will help you to review even more. Although the way vocabulary is organized right now seems slightly inconsistent/odd.


I agree, when I print the page on Vocabulary, it comes out weird. There should be a printable page.

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