"Why them?"

Translation:Pourquoi eux ?

February 9, 2013

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Very useful, thank you. je pense que les pronoms sont difficiles d'comprendre

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    Still easier than German...


    J'accord. Français est difficile.


    "D'accord" or "Je suis d'accord".

    "Le français est difficile."


    This page caused me to realize my appreciation for nous and vous.


    I read the page and it lists 11 circumstances where the stressed pronouns should be used but I can't see what about this sentences qualifies it as needing stressed pronouns. Can anybody here help me out?


    The case is described in "IV. To ask and answer questions", that you can also call "short questions and answers" (without a verb for the pronoun)


    oh come on! i wrote "pourquoi ils" and i got corrected to "pourquoi elles"!!


    "ils" is only subject, if not, use "eux".

    "elles" remains "elles"

    Edit: this is a case where you have to use stressed pronouns: pourquoi moi ? toi ? lui ? elle ? nous ? vous ? eux ? elles ?


    Why not Pourquoi leur?


    because 'leur' means 'their', it describes posession.


    <Why them?> Gives me 3 options-answers, except "pourquoi eux?"! I marked "pourquoi elles?" & "pourquoi ils"? and duo said not correct "pourquoi ils?" Why?


    "ils" is used exclusively as a single subject.

    this pronoun takes other forms in other cases:

    • direct object: je les vois (I see them)
    • indirect object: je leur parle (I talk to them / parler à)
    • stressed pronoun after a preposition: je pars avec eux, sans eux, après eux...
    • stressed pronoun in a short question: pourquoi eux ?
    • stressed pronoun in a short answer: qui est là ? eux ! (who's there? them)
    • stressed pronoun as a multiple subject: eux et toi partent demain (they and you are leaving tomorrow)

    Note that pronoun "elles" does not have a specific stressed form.


    Pas "Toi et eux partez demain"? It seems like this should be a second person verb form.

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    I thought "elles/ils" meant they? Why is it being used as "them"


    In French, "elles" can be a subject pronoun (translated in English as "they"), an emphatic object pronoun ("them" or "they"), or a pronoun following a preposition ("them"). Try to think about grammatical roles, rather than memorizing that a word means something all the time (because, eventually, as you learn more grammar, it might not).


    why not pourquoi ils?


    "ils" is only used as a single subject:

    "les" is the direct object form: je les mange (I eat them)

    "leur" is the indirect object form: je leur parle (I talk to them)

    "eux" is the stressed pronoun form: moi et eux mangeons (dual subject); pourquoi eux ? (short question); non, pas eux (short answer); je vais avec eux (after a preposition).


    It gave me multiple choice to translate 'Why them?' and i chose "pourquoi elles" and "pourquoi ils" and it said only elles was right?? why??


    Both "eux" and "elles" are accepted answers. Please read the whole thread to find out why it cannot be "ils".


    eux is not even available as an option in this question: Leurs Elles Ils Please check and correct


    "Them" can translate to "eux" or "elles" in this exercise. So you have to pick the one available.


    It doesn't give the option for eux, it only has ils and elles (and only elles is accepted as correct).


    So pick "elles" and your translation will be accepted.


    In short questions and answers, you need a stressed pronoun:

    • Pourquoi moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux, elles ?


    I do not know where to post this request so I post it here. My request is to be able to copy to a clip board some comments like the explanation SITESURF just explained about PRONOUNS to keep and study or reread. Links are no problem naturally they can be copied. I am referring to good explanations given. My wish list is to be able to copy them!!


    The simplest way is to use a PC and copy what you want to keep and paste it into a doc. Otherwise, screenshots are nice but not easy to get back to.


    why does Duo tells us the translation for "why them?" should be "pourquoi elles?" and not "pourquoi ils?"


    Because the stressed pronoun you need here is either "elles" or "eux".

    It just happens that the stressed pronoun is different in masculine.


    The question is: why them? I chosed the answer, Pourquoi les? But Duolingo says, Pourquoi elles, Why? I did look it up on google and according the page it should be, Pourquoi les?


    In short questions of after a preposition (de, pour, avec, sans, etc.), you need a stressed pronoun.

    The stressed pronouns are: moi, toi, lui, elle, nous, vous, eux, elles.

    As a consequence "why them?" can translate to "pourquoi eux ?" or "pourquoi elles ?".


    Thanks a lot for the answer, have to try to remember this! :)


    Quick one so when we say "pourquoi elles" we are not necessarily referring to a group of ladies, are we??


    That's right. "Elles" can be animals or things, provided the noun is feminine.

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