Translation:She is going to forget my birthday.

2 years ago



thats a little sad

2 years ago


well thats a relationship

1 year ago



1 year ago


You know, I keep on forgeting my best friend's birthday. And I have known her since she was born.

2 years ago


Too bad.

6 months ago


My birthday was actually yesterday and she did indeed forget it.

1 year ago


That is really sad

1 year ago


Well, what do you expect?

2 years ago


darn. She will forget... doesn't work. Will for ir a usually is correct

2 years ago


I wrote "She will forget my birthday". It got accepted.

1 year ago

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Yes,She did forget ... and I forgot her birthday this year for the first time too. Forgetting is possible - if you really want it!

2 years ago


Can you say "ella me va a olvidar cumpleanos"?

1 year ago


Okay...sore spot :(

1 year ago

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Correct me if I am wrong but in the proper English one forgets ABOUT something (if it's an event, something non-material etc. - or a person even).
You can forget (meaning 'leave behind' because you're a forgetful one) , your keys or toothbrush - but i don't see how you can forget a birthday. Leaving it on a shelf or somethig?
Therefore translating OLVIDAR MI CUMPLEANOS as FORGET MY BIRTHDAY is at least a clumsy English, even if it seems to be grammatically correct (acceptable rather, and barely).
But even then it's hard to understand why the translation FORGET ABOUT MY BIRTHDAY is considered incorrect? Are we supposed to translate word for word? I admit there is no DE (or whatever) in the Spanish sentence - but I don't think distorting English will help much in learning Spanish.

10 months ago


Whilst I believe "She is going to forget about my birthday" should be accepted, I also think that "She is going to forget my birthday" is perfectly proper English. The reason is because of the verb "to forget" which, it seems, from your definition implies that events simply get their details lost via forgetting; however, it is an arguably equal interpretation to say that events and memories are removed via forgetting. If either but not both of these were true than only one translation would be possible. But because both interpretations see use in conversation, it is reasonable to assume that both translations are valid.

7 months ago


Why isn't "she is going to forget my birthdays" acceptable?

1 year ago

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Because it says "mi" as opposed to "mis".

9 months ago
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