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Japanese Lesson 53: Families part 3

Final part of the Family bubble. This one was pretty short!


Grandmother: Obaasan: おばあさん

Family: Kazoku: かぞく: 家族

Grandfather: Ojiisan: おじいさん

Parents: Oya: おや: 親 (can be just one, or both parents)
Parents: Ryoushin: りょうしん: 両親 (Emphasis on both parents)

Name: Namae: なまえ: 名前


My dad eats fish
Watashi no chichi wa sakana o tabemasu.
わたし の ちち は さかな を たべます

What is your daughter's name?
Anata no musume no namae wa nan desu ka?
あなた の むすめ の なまえ は なん です か。 あなたの娘の名前は何ですか。

My parents like the beer.
Watashi no oya wa sono bi-ru ga suki desu.
わたし の おや は その ビール が すき です。
(lit: "my parents like that beer")

Not really a whole lot of sentences in this one... It's more of a focus on vocabulary than grammar at this point and going forward a little bit.

.> The other example sentence listed was "It is Saturday" and that really has nothing to do with anything in this lesson.

So I guess that's it for this part!

Next time we'll be covering OCCUPATIONS!! (which I have a really hard time with for some reason....)

So until then!

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October 21, 2016



You're doing a great job. I'm not using any of these as I'm trying to learn Hiragana right now, but someday I'll return here!


Parents: Oya: おや: 親

I know parents as ryōshin 両親, what's the difference?


The word 両 means "both", so 両親 means both mother and father. 親 means mother or father or both. When you want to emphasize "both", 両親 is more preferable.


:D Ah That's good for me to know too! I'll add that in.


I'm happy I could help you :)


Ah, of course! Thanks. :)

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