My streak!

I think something is wrong! Yesterday I did my lesson (as everyday) and now my streak is back to 0 when it should be in 192 Why? What happend?

February 15, 2014


I've seen 2 or 3 posts like this lately, enough that it seems rare but apparently real. Maybe there's a glitch in Duo's system.

I'd fill out a support form (to the left) and ask someone there to look into it. Let us know how it turns out!

Done. Thank you for the advice. Sure I'll let you know.

Hi YuMoises! I'm putting this into the troubleshooting section and taking a closer look :)

Hi! Thanks, I hope that helps.

It looks like you did a lesson at 2:57 am, but because you're in a -5 timezone it counted for Feb 13th. We will email you :)

It's because you probably didn't come on early enough. The streak deletes every 24 hours.

I'm sure i did. I did it in the early afternoon. Around 12 m- 1 pm (as almost everyday).

Well, if you go on at 12 , then 1 the next day, it will be deleted because that's more than 24 hours.

I meant 12 M: Noon.

That's not the way the streak works. You have to earn at least one point each day from midnight to midnight in the time zone you made your account in.
This means you can do one lessons at 12:05 am on Monday and then do your next lesson at 6:05pm Tuesday (42 hours later) and still keep your streak.

Thank you. Muchísimas gracias por tu ayuda.

My streak is back. Thank you to everyone who helped. :)

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