"Kiúszunk a tengerből: jön a cápa!"

Translation:We are swimming out of the sea: the shark is coming!

October 21, 2016

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This needs to be accepted: we swim out of the sea the shark is coming


"A shark" would be more natural in English than "the shark"


Aye, unless there is only one specific shark that you already know is in the vicinity then "a shark" is definitely the more common way to say it.


you can not possibly swim out of a lake. at one point there will be no water anymore


However natural this might be in Hungarian idiom, this sentence is very uncomfortable in English, translated literally as the course does. You cannot swim out of the sea in English, ever - only in it. The closest thing I could suggest that makes sense in English is that "We are swimming to shore, the shark is coming". Now, I am quite sure there will be a closer direct translation of that in Hungarian (there will be a word for shore), but if so, my contention would be that both need to be rendered the same way in English.


Shore = part. Kiúszunk a partra.


In American English no one swims out of of anything. You get out of the sea, lake, swimming pool etc.

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