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  5. "Εγώ ξέρω το μέρος αυτό."

"Εγώ ξέρω το μέρος αυτό."

Translation:I know this place.

October 21, 2016



Why has αυτό been placed at the end rather than what I believe is the more normal, αυτό το μέρος?


Both are correct (αυτό after or before the noun, before is more common, but both are ok). The sentence sounds more native like this, though: "Εγώ το ξέρω αυτό το μέρος." Το could be omitted if the sentence continued somehow: " (Το) Ξέρω το μέρος αυτό, αλλά δεν έχω πάει ποτέ"="i know this place, but i have never gone there"


This is marked as incorrect, even on the challenge where we select the words.


What exactly does one mean by "μέρος" ? Does it mean a limited space like a restaurant or does it imply a limited area with a number of streets, e.g. In New York, I know Greenwich village, I know that area of New York. Do you know " The Dirty Pig" Oh yes I know that place. So how do you translate the word area in this context? Thanks


This wiki might help: https://el.wiktionary.org/wiki/μέρος I think no one responded to your question because the word is both simple and has varied meaning in context. That wiki gives examples of expressions. It's interesting that it can even refer to the bathroom apparently.

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