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"Excuse me!"


October 21, 2016



The quiz aked for hungarian " excuse me" not "i'm sorry". Elnezest is excuse me. Can you clarify, thank you!


"Elnézést" is more formal in hungarian and means "pardon me", "sajnálom" is more like "I am sorry" which you can say to everyone in general


Confusing. Sorry and excuse me are not the same thing, though nowadays they seem almost interchangeable in some cases. In Spanish, however, the difference is still there. Is it similar in Hungarian that the pre-existing difference is fading?


The question is: the difference between what in Hungarian?

But there are various levels of apologizing. It is different when you did something wrong and ask for forgiveness (you don't say "please excuse me for stealing your money") or when you simply inconvenience someone or unintentionally cause minor damage. I guess the less the damage, the less important which phrase you use. A simple polite form of asking for someone's attention is probably a minor offence. So, you can say "bocsánat", "elnézést", "ne haragudjon", etc.


As a Spanish native speaker, I'm not sure whether that is 100% accurate. I'm thinking "disculpe" and "perdón" may be interchangeable in some situations, but just as vvsey explained, both would be different levels of apologising.


Ecuse me, it's not Sajnálom but Elnézést


The correct words were not in the option?


What is the difference in usage between Sajnálom and Elnėzést?

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Sajnálom: I am sorry

Elnézést: Excuse me

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