"This lion."

Translation:Αυτό το λιοντάρι.

October 21, 2016

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What's the difference between το λιοντάρι and ο λέοντας, which is also accepted?


Λέοντας is an old-fashioned way of saying λιοντάρι. The actual ancient greek word for this animal is Λέων. These 2 forms survive only in scientific texts or in a really formal context of speaking, and are also used for the creation of some compound words (eg. Λέαινα = Lioness).The only everyday modern use I can think of Λέων/Λέοντας is for the name of the astrological sign of Leo.


When I hover over "lion", the translation it gives me is "λεοδάρι", but Duolingo marked this as wrong and said it should be "λιοντάρι". Which is correct?


Λιοντάρι is correct.


Το λιοντάρι αυτό should also be correct.

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