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"Mój tata lubi rozmawiać o sporcie."

Translation:My dad likes to talk about sports.

October 21, 2016



Is it plural in polish? English speakers say ..my dad loves talking about sport. This is compound noun i think


American English speakers use "sports", which is illogical from the point of view of Polish. It's definitely singular in Polish. But well, it's AmE that is used as the default here...


Again, in the US, you say "sports" not "sport." The suggested answers should use "sports."


Changed in those two sentence that needed it.


'My dad likes talking about sports' is counted as incorrect


It should be, it is accepted when I check it in the Incubator... maybe you had some typo, or maybe the system is moody again...


My dad likes talking about sports - this means "On lubi rozmawianie/rozmowy o sporcie" - for example then other people talking about sports. My dad likes to talk about sports - "On lubi rozmawiać o sporcie" - He talks himself.


I disagree. With your interpretation, "I like eating chinese food" would mean that I like watching other people eat through the windows of Chinese restaurants. And by "I like watching" I would mean that I like watching how other people watch other people eat...

On lubi rozmowy o sporcie - He likes discussions/conversations/talks (that are) about sports.


Please could you accept discussing for rozmawiać


In this particular context... ok, added.

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