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what is the difference between Der den die and das

Im so confused I understand the genders but where does den come in

October 21, 2016



They all mean "the." Der is used for masculine in the nominative, Den is used for masculine in the accusative, Das is used for neuter, and Die is used for feminine and plural.


An example may help. Der Apfel ist fuer dich. Danke, ich werde den Apfel essen. In the first sentence the apple is the subject ( Der Apfel ). In the second sentence the apple is the object so you must use the accusative "den Apfel". HTH


Do you know the difference between a subject and an object? Subjects are in the nominative (der, das, die). Most (but not all) objects are in the accusative (den, das, die). You also use the accusative with certain prepositions (bis, durch, entlang, für, gegen, ohne, um). :)


Der is masculine Nominative. Die is feminine/plural Nominative. Das is neuter Nominative.

Den is masculine Accusative. Accusative is direct object, which means that it is something that is being affected by the subject. So for example, "Ich gebe ihm den Apfel." or "Ich werde den Apfel essen." uses 'den' instead of 'der' because it is an object that is in some way being affected. Accusative case for feminine/plural/neuter are still die/das like they are in Nominative.

There is also Dative and Genitive case which introduce 'dem' and 'des', but it doesn't seem like you are quite there yet so I won't give too much information at once. :-)


Use "Den" when instead of "Der" when the direct object (or as they call it in German, the accusative) is Masculine, you also use "Den" instead of "Die" when the indirect object (or in German, dative) is plural, but I wouldn't worry about the latter for now.


i canť understand that article

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