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  5. "Przeszłość jest za nami."

"Przeszłość jest za nami."

Translation:The past is behind us.

October 21, 2016



Come on guys, be honest... how can a non-native Polish speaker tell the difference between "przyszłość" and "przeszłość"? :D


Frankly, it's also difficult to Polish people quite often ;) I personally stress the vowel in an unusual way, but as it helps to get the message across...


I don't know if my observation here is wrong, but I think e and y on duolingo, sounds quite different, from when I hear real polish. In the real world, I think 'e' sounds like 'e' in 'egg' and 'y' sounds like 'y' in 'typical'. But both of them sound something like in the middle if those, here on Duolingo.

I hope someone will correct this, if I'm wrong :)


And she has a knife!

edit: so she, thanks.


In Polish, "past", "present" and "future" are women ;)


And that attitude is why the past repeats itself...

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