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  5. "Wyt ti'n dalach na fi?"

"Wyt ti'n dalach na fi?"

Translation:Are you taller than me?

October 21, 2016



Is the full English sentence, "Are you taller than me am" or "Are you taller than me is"? :)


Usually these days:

  • 'Are you taller than me?', or
  • 'Are you taller than I am?'

An older preference was for 'Are you taller than I?', but this is no longer favoured, it seems.


But should not "Are you taller than I?" still be acceptable as an answer? This is what I wrote, and it was not accepted.


The two forms that I wrote earlier are the two that are acceptable on the course database.


This is getting somewhat pedantic. The above is normal spoken English usage here in Britain.It is what I use and all my friends and family. It may not be grammatically correct as Fowler states in his "English Grammar" but it is perfectly understandable and correct spoken usage.

We are here to learn Welsh not correct English grammar. Sorry folks.


Your apology is accepted, but it shouldn’t be too much of a chore to accept the grammatically correct English sentence as an option for these constructions. Not all Welsh learners are British. This course actually enforced several interesting constructions that I hadn’t noticed watching British TV, like how one doesn’t go on a walk in England, but rather goes “for” a walk. I see no issue increasing the bank of correct answers to allow for General American English responses as well as grammatically correct ones. Welsh is Welsh.


" Not all Welsh learners are British." Exactly, and what's more, not all Welsh learners speak English (be it British English, American English or any other form of English) as their first language.


Right, we aren't here to learn "correct English grammar," but we shouldn't be penalized for using it either.


Yes, I agree with you so long as the English (whether older forms or more modern) are correct translations of the Welsh.

Have a lingot Cathy. Pob lwc.

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