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"Το κατοικίδιο μου είναι ένας πελεκάνος."

Translation:My pet is a pelican.

October 21, 2016



This is true for some Greeks - in Mykonos there is a famous friendly one walking about the docks!


Πέτρος (1958-1985) was the first one. After that the zoo of Hamburg gave a Petros to them. When I visited Mykonos three where resting under a tree near the harbour. When they saw me they all rose and started to pose so I had to take photos of them


Thank you, kirakrakra! --- I presume the pelicans were thinking: Oh what a nice person. We should be very friendly now… :-)


Now I know where to go in Greece next :)


Mykonos is splendid! If you go I hope you have a great time!


Shouldn't κατοικίδιό have two accents here? As in previous answer to English into Greek translation.


Why is the indefinite article of pelican used with an ς at the end? I did not come across this word or form of word before (even though I am taking a repeat/strengthen your skills session just now).


The animal is ο πελεκάνος so the masculine definite article ένας is used


Thanks. I didn't realise that I actually didn't come across the definite article for masculine words before. As I am generally studying with the app, these opportunities show that I should log in to the homepage version more often. :)


That seems to happen to me a lot too lol. Happy learning!


Shouldn't it be "Το κατοικίδιό μου είναι ένας πελεκάνος." since the accent in "κατοικίδιο" lies on the antepenultimate syllable? Or is "-διο" considered one syllable which would mean the accent lies on the penultimate syllable, and no accent shift would be necessary?

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Yes, G.Georgopoulos explains this in the previous comments.


He is saying πελεκενος but he writes it πελεκανος


I translated this sentence to "The pet my is a pelican", and with mental grammar I switched it to "The my pet is a pelican." I am guessing that "το" is implied? "μου" means "my" or "mine" correct?


μου can mean "my" but not "mine".

Greek has to say the equivalent of "the my pet", but in English, we just say "my pet" without "the".


Do greeks use this much accents marks? I mean when they are texting for example.


I would imagine it depends on how lazy they are. If they're just talking to close friends they might not but in more official conversations or for assignments they would have to. That's just my guess.

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The accents are more "difficult" to place when texting on phone. But in that case autocorrect places them automatically. When on the computer it is just how we learned to write, putting the accent is just one more key. So generally, even texts from friends have their accents placed correctly.

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