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  5. "Εγώ παίρνω."

"Εγώ παίρνω."

Translation:I take.

October 21, 2016



Εγώ παίρνω το τσιζκεικ


If you click on the word, the clue says , , , . If you answer, “I am calling “, it marks it incorrect. If it is not correct, then it should not be given as a clue. There is insufficient context given to know which meaning was intended.


παίρνω and περνώ are difficult to distinguish out of context, in the listening exercise. It would help if there are other words in the sentence.


On the drop-down, it offered "get" before "take," which was marked as correct. What's the real meaning behind this word? Does it mean taking as well as receiving?

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