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  5. "Sống là tồn tại với đam mê."

"Sống tồn tại với đam mê."

Translation:Living is to exist with passion.

October 21, 2016



My answer: Living is existing with passion. Is my grammar right?


Your sentence is grammatically correct...and it has the same connotation, but it's much more common to write it the way it is given here... You'd only ever hear it in a TED Talk or in a meme.


Yes that's fine. It's a very dramatic sentence but still proper


As others noted, it is correct. As a matter of style, it's better to use parallel structures, i. e., "to live is to exist.. " or "living is existing... "

The infinitive has a stronger verbal sense. "To be or not to be, that is the question" is great writing. "It's a question of being or not being" means the same thing but doesn't have the punch.


To say 'Life is existence with passion' would you use 'sự sông' and 'sự tồn tại"?


The speaker says 'với' more like 'vế' to me.

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