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  5. "O jornal é recente?"

"O jornal é recente?"

Translation:Is the newspaper recent?

February 9, 2013



"The newspaper is recent?" Is a pretty literal and seemingly acceptable translation.


i agree, translations like that are accepted in previous lessons


Since our sentences are shared with the English course for Portuguese speakers, we decided to only accept the standard word order for questions, so we make sure we're teaching this concept that doesn't exist in Portuguese.


My question does not directly concern this particular sentence, it's actually a question about questions in general. I would like to know how to tell when the sentence in the audio is a question and when it isn't. At least in English and Spanish it's easy to find out because in the end of the sentence the intonation usually goes up. Is this the case in Portuguese as well? Until now I have been thinking that it's just because of Duolingo's audio quality but now I'm not so sure anymore.


Intonation in Portuguese is the same as in English, Spanish and so on. Nothing new here. Any doubt, shame on Duo's audio.


is the recent newspaper,ok?


That doesn't really make sense in English. You can put the adjective there but would still need a subject like "Is this the recent newspaper?" I don't think that matches the portuguese then.


Hi! "is it recent the newspaper?" Could that work? thank you!


That is not natural English phrase but it would work with a comma after "recent". I believe a better way is to say, "Is the newspaper recent?"


Is the pronunciation of "recente" the same in Portugal? is it heh-sen-chee or ruh-sen-tuh?


Carioca Brazilian is hrey-sen-chi, in Portugal it's reh-sen-tuh


"Is that a recent newspaper?" ...is a perfectly fine translation as well. Is it not?


Would jornal also be used to describe "Newsletter" obrigado


It is usually translated as "boletim".


My hearing is poor, so I heard 'deçente', which it marked as correct'. No hearts lost.... Hooray! :) Reported it, though, after a big struggle with my conscience... 15-12-20 :(

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