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  5. "The eagle drinks water."

"The eagle drinks water."

Translation:Ο αετός πίνει νερό.

October 22, 2016



Could you also say it this way: "το νερό ποτά αετός"?


ποτά is a noun -- "drinks, beverages" in the sense of "would you like some drinks?" or "alcoholic drinks are bad for you". Plural of ποτό. I don't think there's a noun form ποτάω that this could be the "he, she, it" form of.

Also, αετός by itself is not a good translation of "the eagle".


Why is it Ο instead of το?


Because αετός is masculine, not neuter.

So you need the masculine nominative definite article ο, not the neuter nominative definite article το.

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