"The women's sauce"

2/9/2013, 8:34:25 PM


Because it's the possessive and you should rephrase it as "The sauce of the women". So "of" is "de" and knowing that "de"+"les"="des", you end up with "La sauce des femmes".

2/9/2013, 9:07:41 PM

The sentence has no sense.

3/19/2013, 1:31:45 AM

les femmes = the women, des femmes = some women.. why "des femmes" here?

2/9/2013, 8:34:25 PM

I couldn't figure it out either. Maybe they think of the "the" as going with the sauce, not with the women; the women, being left without a qualifier, get a "des". (Though that, in English, would more likely be written as "Women's sauce" without a "the" in front.)

3/9/2013, 3:28:56 AM
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In a situation where you would have "de les", you use "des" as far as I know.

3/17/2013, 4:02:49 AM

..............woman's sauce?

3/31/2013, 6:41:03 PM

I want to know the recipe!

3/31/2013, 9:32:46 PM
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