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"Egy lámpa és egy csésze van az íróasztalon."

Translation:There is a lamp and a cup on the desk.

October 22, 2016



How are we supposed to know to use "THERE is a lamp and a cup...." instead of "A lamp and a cup are on the desk"?


Standard English would use the plural 'are' here, not the singular 'is'.


I wrote this, but it was not accepted.


What did you write?


I have the same question as @Betsy. My first, incorrect, submission was "a lamp and a cup are on the desk". If this isn't a correct translation from the Hungarian, how would you say "a lamp and a cup are on the desk"?


------- it is a correct translation . . .

Big 27 jan 19


Question: why is vannak not used since we are dealing with there being two things rather than one?


As it's an enumeration the verb "van" doesn't change form.

There is a book and a pen on the desk. - Egy könyv és egy toll van az asztalon.

There are books on the ground. - Könyvek vannak a földön.


I put "on the desk" at the beginning of the sentence. It was not avcepted. What's the difference

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