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"That woman is a dentist. In addition, she writes books about animals."

Translation:Người phụ nữ đó là một nha sĩ. Hơn nữa, cô ấy viết sách về động vật.

October 22, 2016



Because "người phụ nữ đó" signifies 1 woman, we don't need "một nha sĩ." Putting "một" there just sounds awkward. (Native Vietnamese here)


Then the correct (natural) sentence would be : Người phụ nữ đó là nha sĩ. Hơn nữa, cô ấy viết sách về động vật.

In English we can't say "I am [title/profession/kind of person]". In other languages we can say both :

  • "I am [title/profession/kind of person]" (e.g: "I am doctor in physics", "I am accountant", "I am fan of this band")
  • "I am a [title/profession/kind of person]" (e.g: "I am a doctor in physics", "I am an accountant", "I am a fan of this band").

Both are correct and understood, the first case just sounds more natural (at least in the European languages I know of). The difference is that in the first case we stress that we are actively doing or identifying strongly to what we say we are (I am doctor ==> I am still exercising as a doctor in the hospital). In the second case we just say we have the title or that we identify loosely to the category as a whole (I am a doctor ==> I have the official title of doctor and member of the doctor category thanks to this diploma, but it doesn't necessarily means that I am still exercising).

Looks like there is a subtle distinction like that in Vietnamese as well. Thank you for telling us :)


not quyến sách ?


My belief is that generally when you mean plural and yet don't use the word meaning plural, you don't use a classifier. I say "generally" because this program is not consistent about whether or not to use classifiers or một when NOT translating as plural.


What is wrong with: 'Người phụ nữ đấy là một nha sĩ. Hơn nữa, cô ấy viết sách về động vật.'? This was corrected to 'Người phụ nữ ấy là một nha sĩ. Hơn nữa, cô ấy viết sách về động vật.'


Why not "... một sách..."???


That would be one book, and the sentence specifically indicated that there were multiple books. Also, since it wasn't clear how many, there was no cuốn or quyền classifier.

Frustrating? Yeah...

... I'm getting used to it.


is nhung dong vat okay?


người phụ nữ đó là một nhà sĩ. hơn nữa cô ấy viết quyển sách về động vật

Why no quyển


My sentece was wrong. I wrote "người phụ nữ là nha sĩ. Ngòai ra, cô ấy viết sách về động vật"

Was it wrong to use "ngòai ra" as "in addition"?


I think the meaning of 'ngoài ra' is closer to 'or else', so it might not be correct in this sentence.


When you get these scrambled word sentences, couldn't there be a way to be able to insert a word? It would be very helpful, especially when the sentences are so darn long.


Why would a dentist write books about animals?


Why does anyone? Because they want to.

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