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Пліз ду нот репорт проблемз уіз транслітерейшн.

Probably you could decipher the title and know that this post is about the transliteration feature of the Ukrainian course. We see a lot of reports and posts about problems with transliteration. I have summarized the most frequent ones in this bug report. Leaving aside our team's opinion on this feature, I just want to inform you that we have absolutely no means to fix those problems. If you want the feature to be fixed/improved upvote my bug report or post your own in the Troubleshooting discussion. Please do not report problems with transliteration or transliterated translation alternatives using the "Report a problem" button. We have no choice but to ignore them.

October 22, 2016



Yes, it could be, because it seems to be the only one using the interpunct.

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