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  5. "My cat also has mustache."

"My cat also has mustache."

Translation:Con mèo của tôi cũng có ria mép.

October 22, 2016



Has A mustache


I used to do and review translations, where proper translation meant proper grammar, syntax, etc. However, when learning a language, a back translation of proper English into Vietnamese may not lead to proper Vietnamese usage. I prefer awkward English if it helps me improve my Vietnamese. Someone đid ask about adding “một” and was told that, in this case, it is never used.


Those are whiskers. Not the same thing.


You got me thinking. Is the DL team just joking or are they really trying to say "My cat also has whiskers"?


I've seen some cats that have a splotch pattern on their face that resembles a mustache. Makes them look ridiculous.

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Mustache in VN is uncountable?


Could this also be accepted: "con meo của tôi con có một ria mép"?


No, we never say this. Mustache is only one in which is between the under nose and the upper lip on face of a human or a animal. So that we only say "ria mép" not "một ria mép".

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