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How many real world translations must I do to get the check that moves me on to the next book? Is it the number of translations or number of points. It seems like I am translating forever.

February 9, 2013



If you clicked on a real-world translation (these are the orange manilla folders), you only need to translate 1 sentence in order to complete it/get a check on it.

You must also rate a translation after submitting your own though, is it possible that you are forgetting to do this? Eventually, it should give you a blue Continue button, and clicking it will take you out of the real-world document so you know you have completed it.


I had the same problem and I still don't know what moved me along, whether it was the translations or the points for revision etc. What is it?


I don't understand what you mean. Can you elaborate more?


After I do a real world translation, I read the best translation, then I rate the best translation. Then the only option I have is Continue Translating. Sometimes I do five translations and ratings and I still have not moved to the next orange folder. Does anyone know what I am doing wrong?


The first time you do one after clicking on the orange folder, it should give you the option to go back to the skill page. Is this not the case?


I have not seen the option to go back to the skill page. The only option I see is Continue Translating


Can you send a screenshot of what you see when you finish one to feedback@duolingo.com



I do not know how to send a screenshot

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