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The three Directional Conjunction lessons

These three lessons have clearly not been proofread by a native English speaker. It means it's impossible to get the answers correct. Which means the lessons keep coming up on the revision schedule. Which is mental torture.

October 22, 2016



I completely agree.

I strongly recommand to all learners to pass these three skills on the app and not on the website or you will end or furiously angry or completely mad.

Being a native french speaker, I noticed that those DC sentences are more easily - and correctly - translated into French than into English :

  • There is only one present time in French, so no need to argue about the simple present or the present continuous being accepted or rejected.

  • French has as many pronouns as the different hungarian forms of amelyik (even more) : lequel (masc sing), laquelle (fem sing), lesquels (masc plur), lesquelles (fem plur), duquel, auquel, etc that can be combined with any preposition, exactly like in hungarian, when English has to struggle with "which" which make the translations akward.

Fine, but the problem remains then to translate from French to English :-)


Totally. How can we actually get in touch with anyone who will answer with anything other than a form letter.

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