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"A térképen annyi folyó van, ahány hegy."

Translation:On the map there are as many rivers as there are mountains.

October 22, 2016



Is THERE needed in this sentence? I was marked wrong with: On the map are as many rivers, as mountains.


Huh...as a native speaker I feel like while it's antiquated, it's basically fine to leave out the "there," (Although the comma is definitely wrong.)

If I were making the call I'd probably accept "On the map are as many rivers as mountains." if you're willing to say it while dressed in Wise Old Mentor robes in between other cryptic advice.


:-)) thank you!


Yes, because "there is" expresses existance. So in Hungarian "there is" = van


I was just pinged for starting a sentence with "Az asztálon", (glasses and plates) rather than placing it after the verb, then, here, they start with "A térképen"!


I was corrected a couple of times because I insisted in translating 'a fán' 'on the tree', instead of the suggdested 'in the tree' and here I am obviously wrong again when translating 'a térkepen' 'in the map' which I think is acceptable.

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