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What to do once the course is completed

I finished the Ukrainian course about a month ago, and I was wondering if anyone knew of some other resources I could use alongside duolingo to expand my knowledge of the language. I know I won't get fluent entirely off of duolingo, so I am trying to find more resources to learn and practice the language. I of course will keep my tree gold so I can continue to hold on to what it has taught me, but I know I will need to know more if I go to Ukraine, which I plan on doing in the future. Thanks!

October 22, 2016



Hello! I live in Ukraine and know Ukrainian, Russian, English and a little bit German. You can write me if you want to communicate or something else :)



This is a pretty good resource I found for practice and other things


I use Readlang for reading comprehension. Memrise and BaBaDum for vocabulary. Forvo for checking pronunciation. You could also check the recourses listed in this and this posts.


Hey, you may let me know if you are going to Lviv. It's always so nice to see someone learning Ukrainian. I may offer some practice and also show quite bit of a city (yeah, I'm a tour guide) if I have time. What is your native language, by the way?


It may seem strange, but for every language I learn is this the way it works. I read a handful of articles at Wikipedia as there is a version for most of the World's most spoken languages. There is plenty of information about several subjects on the Ukrainian version, as it has got about 600 thousand articles by now

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