"Non c'è ancora la sposa."

Translation:The bride is not here yet.

February 9, 2013

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I find the use of "c'e" in this sentence confusing. "There is not yet the bride," is not English.


You're right, it should be "La sposa non è ancora qui".


You can just translate it as "the bride is not there yet"


I understand, and so do the dictionnaries I have, that sposa=wife; fidanzata or promessa sposa=bride. I would appreciate if someone italian or English native speaker could help.One of my hearts is gone, anyway!


Ok, I'm not Italian, but have been learning for a number of years. I have always found that sposa = bride and moglie = wife and fidanzata = fiance or serious girlfriend. This is confirmed by my huge Collins dictionary. I am open to learning new usages, however: do you have links to any of those dictionaries?


thank you,Thoughtdiva, for the clarifications. Now I used a huge Webster's and learned that a bride is not only a woman about to be married but, also a woman newly married. I had visited only my small and old portuguese/italian dictionaries (edited before internet era rsrsrs)


That makes sense :)

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