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"When did you go to the garage?"

Translation:Pryd est ti i'r garej?

October 22, 2016



why is it "aeth" for go in some sentences and "est" here?


Because Welsh verbs have different forms depending on the person doing the action. "Mynd" is an irregular verbs, and so in this form of the past tense it can be, "Es i" (I went), "Est ti" (You went: inf/sin), "Aeth fo/fe or hi" (He or She went", "Aethon ni" (We went), ""Aethoch chi" (You went: for/plu) and "Aethon nhw" (They went). So the sentence "When did you go to the garage" can be either "Pryd est ti i'r garej" or "Pryd aethoch chi i'r garej", but not "Pryd aeth ti/chi i'r garej" because that is the incorrect conjugation of the verb.


The way the irregular verbs mynd, dod, cael, gweud work in the past tense is set out in a couple of the section notes for the course.


Modurdy is also a way of saying (commercial) garage

Also in Mid West Wales....they use "gais" for garage....but maybe a dying dialect word? as only old knew it


garaes is in the dictionary as an alternative - perhaps that is the source of gais.


What is wrong with "pryd aethoch chi i'r garej"


Nothing, as far as I can see. That's what I put, and it was accepted.

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