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  5. "He is her friend."

"He is her friend."

Translation:C'est son ami.

February 9, 2013



And what exactly is wrong with "Il est son ami"....?


'Il est' becomes 'c'est' when followed by an article or a possessive (son) + a noun (ami).


We use "C'est / Ce or C' " instead of "Il est/Elle est..etc" when the noun is preceded by the followings: indefitine article (un, une, des); definite article (le, la); possessive pronoun (mon , son,notre..etc). e.g: C'est une femme.= She is a woman. C'est mon fils. = He is my son. C'est notre homme. = He is our men.

Besides, in French they always use "C'est" before names! : e.g. C'est Luca. = She is Luca.

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