"Bread and salt."

Translation:Хліб і сіль.

October 23, 2016

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ta and i both mean and??


Yes, and you may also use й when there are many vowels around. In spoken language you will mostly hear і though.


Why is the little b there at the end of the word that means salt? It doesnt seem to have any sound associated with it. I noticed it is in the word for daughter also


If you still need to know, there an explanation for this in the Tips-and-notes here: https://www.duolingo.com/skill/uk/letters-2/tips-and-notes


I typed "хліб а сіль" it came correct with a typo, isn't "а" and "і" both mean and?


In English you can use "and" to express two different things: conjunction (e.g. "bread and butter") and opposition (e.g. "you eat meat, and I don't"). In Ukrainian these things are expressed using different words. І/та are used in the former and "а" is used in the latter case.


How to write with English letters


If you have trouble getting a Ukranian keyboard, Google is your friend. If you for some reason insist on not using it, there's an alphabet learning page on mobile (marked with a big ж). There you will also learn how to write Ukranian with Latin letters.

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