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diferences betwen accusative sentences and dative sentences

can anybody please explain ...i just can not understand.... for example ,why "ich esse den apfel" is accusative for me is more like dative ...because the apple is the indirect object ...rigth?

February 9, 2013



No. In the sentence "Ich esse den Apfel." "den Apfel" is the object which is being used in the action. "Ich" is the subject, so the noun which does the act of eating to the object. An indirect object is not the direct aim of the action but the party who benefits from the action, e.g. "Ich gebe dir einen Brief." here "dir" (dative form of "du") benefits from the action of getting a letter.


I did not know "the party who benefits" part for the indirect object. Good explanation. Thanks.

Another test to find the direct object is to translate the sentence into passive. The passive subject of the passive sentence is the direct object of the original sentence.: Active: I give the letter to you Passive: The letter is given by me to you. Please note that the indirect object "you" does not change.


I understand you, I'm still confusing it :s

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