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Practice Weakest Words

For the sake of consistencies within the incentive structure of the lessons, the weakest word algorithm could work from oldest to newest words practiced...d'accord?

February 9, 2013



It might. I can't tell how it works. But I use "practice weakest words" a lot, and I'd like some additional options. I learn nouns, adjectives, and adverbs quickly, but it takes me forever to learn prepositions and verbs, especially new verb tenses. It would be great if I could select what parts of speech I want to work on. Even better, if I could choose from a list of words, and in the case of verbs, which tenses.


When I choose to practice my weakest words, it is adding in words that I haven't learned yet, but are from a skill that has been unlocked. This is especially frustrating with new verb tenses. I only want to practice the tenses I've learned, even though I've unlocked new verb tenses.

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