"Ez egy modern ház: itt van televízió, számítógép és hűtőszekrény."

Translation:This is a modern house: there is a television here, a computer and a refrigerator.

October 23, 2016

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no Internet and WiFi?


None of them :P This is a sentence from the early 90's, lol.


There is here or here there is...


I put, "this is a modern house: here is a television, computer and fridge." The computer wouldn't accept it and I wonder why. If I say, hol van Janos? for example, the answer may well be, itt van Janos. In this example we have itt van followed by three things, none of which require the word "the." So why can't I say, here is a television, computer and fridge? We don't need to emphasize that these things exist here as in "here, there is a television etc." The fact of their existence in this place is enough to demonstrate modernity.


I'm getting a "correct" but it is in the red with the sound that means wrong.... I did write huto szekreny (as two words, incorrectly) but not sure why it said correct...

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