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Changing from Polish to English

Help me before i will explode ... What happened to my duolingo i have no idea why i have polish set on my language when i whant to learn french WTF im learning french, tips are in polish and tasks i have to do in english what is that ???????????????????????????????!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i want my english BACK and i have no idea how to do that

i want my lessons back in english , this is nonsense everything is in polishbut i have to type in english and learn french doing all that , why u r doing this to me guys???

Everything was ok i just changed from iOS to android and somehow then it happened

February 15, 2014



Hi there - First, calm down :) This is because your phone's language is in Polish. You need to adjust that in order to learn in English on your phone. This is standard for how mobile apps work. Let me know if you have more questions! I'm happy to help.


I know that it sounds funny but i dont mind using polish in phone and other apps but duo is much easier in english . Thanks for reply i changed phone language and its ok but i think that its not the proper way to do it . Im android newbie and configuring this system was so frustrating .its definately not user friendly ... and after 2 days i installed duo and it came up like this= more configuring and stuff so i snaped

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